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Lesoteka group

Group of Companies

United in the Forest-Wood Chain

The Lesoteka Group is an informal name for a group of 6 affiliated companies led by Lesoteka Ltd. It is the result of the development and expansion of Lesoteka's activities, which grew from the foundations of the company Forest Management Slovenj Gradec. Forest Management Slovenj Gradec Inc. operated as a joint-stock company from October 1989. For many years, the company's main activity was the harvesting and marketing of wood from state and private forests. The company had a long-term concession agreement with SKZG, the owner of state forests, for work in their forests in the Carinthia region from 1996 to 2016. Shortly after the turn of the millennium, the company also entered the field of primary processing, which is today the largest income-generating activity of the company. Through the connection with subsidiary companies, the company's vision is realized, namely the optimal valuation of wood as a renewable and human-friendly material. At the end of 2019, the company transformed into a limited liability company, and at the same time adopted the name of the brand in its title, renaming itself to Lesoteka, a wood processing company Ltd. from December 2019 onwards.

Lesoteka d.o.o.

Parent Company of the Lesoteka Group

Lesoteka Ltd. is the first among the companies of the Lesoteka Group and also the main one in leading and connecting the remaining stakeholders in the forest-wood chain "From the forest ... to the house". In addition to its unifying and coordinating role in the group, Lesoteka Ltd. primarily deals with providing services in primary wood processing, purchasing, and sales.

Lesoteka Group

The Group and Companies in Numbers

Our Mission

Sustainable Utilization of Forest Resources

Our mission is to process the raw materials obtained through sustainable utilization of forest resources into market-attractive wood products, while adhering to our core values and working for the benefit of people and nature.

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Forest-Wood Chain

Our Circular Economy Model

The companies united in the Lesoteka group, with their services and products, form a model of the circular economy, covering the entire journey of wood from the forest to solutions for end-users. It's a chain of activities from the felled spruce in the forest to the final product.


In the Lesoteka Group

All companies in the Lesoteka Group, which form the forest-wood value chain "From the forest ... to the house"