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Turnkey forest management

Forest Management Package

Effective forest management for maximum yield and carefree ownership

Are you a forest owner but lack the time, knowledge, or simply prefer not to deal with forest management? Lesoteka offers you an innovative and comprehensive turnkey forest management service, providing a complete and high-quality service that includes everything necessary for forest management. It allows forest owners to focus on other activities while we take care of the entire forest management process. This innovative service is designed for all forest owners, both small and large. A team of experienced forestry and lumber experts will oversee the entire process of managing your forest. We guarantee top quality, sustainable management, and peace of mind, ensuring that your forest yields the deserved returns.

Your Forest in Safe Hands

Worry-Free, High Returns

Turnkey forest management offers you complete freedom, high and sustainable returns, and environmental responsibility. Rely on experts who will take care of your forest while actively contributing to preserving the natural balance and reducing the impact on climate change. Make the right decision for the sustainable future of your forest.

Benefits of Collaborating with Us

Why Entrust Forest Management to Us?

Time is Money

In addition to increased yields, the perfect solution brings you a lot of time that you can spend on other things

Are you a forest owner, but lack time, knowledge, or simply don't want to deal with forest management? Lesoteka offers you an innovative and comprehensive turnkey forest management service, allowing you to fully relax and entrust the care of your forest to experienced professionals. Turnkey forest management is more than just a collection of individual services. It is complete peace of mind in managing your forest, where our team of experienced forestry and wood industry professionals takes care of everything necessary to ensure your forest reaches its highest potential and yields returns.

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Expertise and Experience

For the Best Yield of Your Forest

One of the key advantages of the turnkey forest management service is optimal yield. We understand that each forest has its own specificities and requirements. Therefore, we allow you to tailor the turnkey forest management service to your needs. Together, we will create a plan that optimally utilizes the potentials of your forest and aligns with your goals. With our comprehensive approach, we will ensure the maximization of your forest's yield. Through expert logging, wood harvesting, and other measures, we will ensure the optimal growth and productivity of your forest. Simultaneously, by choosing the turnkey forest management service, you actively contribute to sustainable forest management, reducing the impact on the environment, and caring for the preservation of natural balance and biodiversity.

What Does the Service Include?

Comprehensive Solution for Worry-Free Ownership

Our service begins with the precise purchase of logs, focusing on selecting quality wood with the highest standards. This is followed by logging and wood harvesting, where our team performs expert logging and ensures the safe and efficient removal of wood from the forest. In turnkey forest management, we go even further. In the package, we provide you with a broader range of services, including planning and implementation of sanitary logging, tending logging, young stand logging, and the implementation of protective measures to preserve biodiversity. Additionally, we assist you with administrative matters such as managing forest management plans, obtaining permits, and managing the forest fund. Our team of experts is by your side to facilitate all processes and ensure the smooth management of your forest. Our goal is to ensure your complete satisfaction. With expertise, reliability, and adaptability, we strive to exceed your expectations. Your forest will be in good hands while you enjoy the peace of mind and yield that turnkey forest management brings.

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Our team of experts is available for a wide range of services. They can assist you in the initial steps of coordinating with the Forestry Institute, arranging documentation before logging, actual logging, cleaning, and removal of logs, regular growth calculations, preparation of a plan for further logging, etc. The payment term is 30 days from the removal of the logs, and throughout the year, there are promotions with shorter payment terms due to potential wood needs. The forest can be inspected in all seasons. To schedule a forest inspection, please call us and coordinate with our staff.

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Send us a message via the contact form or contact the manager for the management of private forests directly.

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