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Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Socially Responsible Employer

A respectful attitude towards people and the social environment in which we operate is one of the fundamental values in the Lesoteka Group. We continuously strive and pay special attention to the education of our employees, increasing their motivation, improving their well-being, health, and strengthening the connectivity within and between the companies themselves. Already in 1998, GG INPO was established as a company employing people with disabilities and those who are harder to employ. Today, the company is named Lesoteka IP d.o.o. and makes a significant contribution to our forest-wood chain. We feel the same responsibility towards external stakeholders and the society in which we operate, where we demonstrate our commitment and dedication through unconditional assistance in natural disasters, donations to local organizations, and involvement in charitable initiatives. Our sincere desire and firm commitment to working are demonstrated by the DOD certificate for socially responsible employer we have received.

Social Responsibility at Lesoteka

Core Operating Principles

Help and Solidarity

Giving Back to the Community and People

We are aware that without the people and the environment in which we operate, Lesoteka and its associated companies would not be what they are. We also express our gratitude for being able to carry out our mission in this beautiful environment, surrounded by wonderful people, through help and solidarity in our immediate and broader surroundings. We respond with special enthusiasm and to the greatest extent possible during natural disasters and calamities, when quick response and help are very important.

Sponsorships and Donations

Only when you yourself need help, as our company did during the violent fire at the end of last year, do you realize how important it is to regularly give back to the local community. Therefore, our company regularly donates to funds of various local fire brigades, civil protection, primary and secondary schools, sports associations and other sports clubs, and various events that take place during the year in Carinthia and beyond.

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