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Premium Spruce Pellets

In-House Production from Own Raw Materials

Lesoteka owns a sawmill where logs from its own sources are cut into structural lumber and other assortments for widespread consumption. In the cutting process, sawdust is a by-product, which, in line with closing the forest-wood chain and adhering to the zero-waste principle, we use to produce pellets. High-quality input material and quality control, practices that we can most consistently implement due to in-house production, have earned us the ENplus A1 quality certificate, which is awarded to the highest-quality pellets. For the third consecutive year, Lesoteka ENplus A1 Pellets have been among the top-rated in the largest independent pellet tests in Slovenia conducted by the Slovenian Consumer Association, achieving the best result among Slovenian-made pellets. Lesoteka produces pellets in its own pellet mill in Spodnja Vižinga, with a current annual production capacity of around 10,000 tons.

ENplus A1 Pellets

Certification for Top Quality

ENplus® is an internationally recognized symbol of pellet excellence, backed by a comprehensive quality verification system for every step in the wood pellet production chain. From the initial production phases to delivery, the certification confirms that all raw materials, procedures, and work processes adhere to precise guidelines under vigilant and expert supervision. This ensures customers receive top-notch and consistent quality.

Why choose Lesoteka ENplus A1 pellets

Top quality at the best price

ENplus A1 Lesoteka pellets


Woods: 100% spruce, 0% bark

Net calorific value: ≥ 4.6 kWh/kg

Ash content: ≤ 0.7%

Water content: ≤ 10%

Bulk density: 600 kg/m3 ≤ GN ≤ 750 kg/m3 

Mechanical durability: ≥ 98%

Diameter: 6 mm

Length: 3,15 mm < D ≤ 40 mm

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We sell 100% spruce pellets of A1 quality, made in-house without bark. The best features of our pellets are high energy value, low ash content, mechanical durability... Pellets have ENplus A1 and S4Q certificates. Packaging options include bags or big bags. We can also deliver pellets to you in a tanker.

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