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Forest-Wood Chain

From the Forest to the House

Lesoteka's Forest-Wood Chain

The entire forest-wood chain operates within the group with the slogan "From the forest to the house," implementing a sustainable circular economy model. Starting in the forest with forestry, we continue with our own sawmill, processing logs into sawn timber. We process by-products such as sawdust and other wood residues into wood pellets with the highest quality certification ENplus A1 and other wood biomass. Within the group, there is a disabled company where we employ individuals with disabilities and engage in the production of wooden packaging, as well as drying and planing wood. We build solid wood houses, tailored to customer preferences, and wall panels for larger public buildings from Slovenian wood. We own three physical and online stores with the same name, offering the sale of sawn timber, tools for forestry and gardening, a hobby program for DIY enthusiasts, and service and sales of the Husqvarna program.

Circular Economy

Our Contribution to a Better Environment

The sustainable circular economy model is based on reducing waste and better resource utilization. Materials and products are reused, repaired, and recycled, reducing pressure on natural resources. The circular economy promotes the sustainable use of products and the preservation of material value, reducing waste and environmental impact, while encouraging innovation and responsible resource management.

Lesoteka's Circular Economy Model

Forest-Wood Chain From the Forest to the House!

Forestry Services

In the forest-wood chain

Take a look at other solutions for primary processing, design, and engineering that the Lesoteka Group provides and implements within the forest-wood chain "From the forest to the house."


In the forest-wood chain

Products and semi-finished products from companies within the Forest-Wood Chain "From the forest to the house" are created. Due to our research and development orientation, we constantly expand the range of products and refine existing ones.


In the Lesoteka Group

All companies in the Lesoteka Group, which form the forest-wood value chain "From the forest ... to the house"

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