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Exploring Innovative Approaches to Wood Utilization

Lesoteka brings together a group of companies in the forest-wood chain with the goal of efficiently and sustainably increasing the value of wood. We explore new applications and products with higher added value.

Our Environmental Care

Sustainable. Nature-friendly. Responsible.

Slovenia is among the most forested countries in Europe. We are aware that the forest is a renewable resource of strategic importance, so we pay special attention to its sustainable management. Our mission is to provide forestry services and wood products with the lowest possible environmental impact. All companies within the Lesoteka group are committed to high-quality standards and sustainable production with a low CO2 footprint.

Forest Management at a Glance

For Optimal Yield from Your Forest.

In addition to individual services within the range of forestry services, we offer forest owners a high-quality comprehensive turnkey forest management solution. The service includes wood purchase, logging, and timber harvesting, with the option for a broader range of services for holistic forest management.

Forestry Services

Comprehensive Solutions from Forest to Processing

Companies within the Lesoteka group provide forestry and sawmill services along the entire forest-wood path, from the forest to the final products. For forest owners, we also offer a comprehensive turnkey forest management service.

From Forest ... to House

Lesoteka's Forest-Wood Chain

Companies united in the Lesoteka group, with their services and products, form a zero-waste circular economy model covering the entire journey of wood from the forest to solutions for end users. It involves a chain of activities from a felled spruce in the forest to the final product. Wood is the most suitable element for this economic model, being entirely renewable, natural, and sustainable.

Solid Wood Construction

For the Highest Quality of Living

Lesoteka's house-building division specializes in manufacturing solid wooden structures, both individual houses and public/commercial buildings. Discover the advantages of solid wood construction and explore numerous references the company has gained in over 10 years of operation.

Lesoteka also provides a public-private partnership service, under which we have built 3 solid wood kindergartens to date.

Wood Products

Wooden Semi-Finished and Finished Products

Products and semi-finished goods from companies within the "From Forest to House" forest-wood chain are continually evolving due to our research and development focus. We consistently expand the range of products and enhance existing ones.

Research and Development

Adding Value to Wood and Creating New Usage Opportunities

We constantly explore the mechanical and chemical properties of wood to develop new products and processes based on this knowledge. In doing so, we unlock new opportunities for the use of our wood, increase its added value, and thus uphold and strengthen the importance of sustainable forest management in our surroundings.

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