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Lesoteka Houses is based in the largest city in Carinthia – Slovenj Gradec. The region is rich in forests, covering 67.5% of the area. Thus, the wood industry, along with tourism, is the most important economic sector, and the tradition of wood use and construction of wooden houses is among the longest in Slovenia. Lesoteka Houses is engaged in the construction of solid wood log cabins and houses using the cross-laminated timber (CLT) system. We aim to become a leading company in the construction of solid wood structures in Slovenia, not in terms of quantity but quality. The annual capacity is between 10 and 12 structures because we prioritize an individual approach and flexibility, allowing us to dedicate much more time to various solutions and adjustments during construction. Currently, the company has 12 employees, and we consistently collaborate with the same local contractors, with whom we build structures across Slovenia.


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Lesoteka hiše d.o.o.


Lesoteka hiše d.o.o.

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Ines Deželak
Responsible Work Manager
Maruša Pritržnik

Company Business Card

Lesoteka hiše d.o.o.

Lesoteka hiše, podjetje za izdelavo masivnih lesenih hiš, d.o.o.
Vorančev trg 1
2380 Slovenj Gradec

Tax number: SI 47987570
Registration number: 6226108000
Registry court: District Court Slovenj Gradec

Bank account:
SI56 0279 7026 5326 243, odprt pri NLB, d.d.

Company headquarters

Vorančev trg 1

2380 Slovenj Gradec


Production line

Spodnja Vižinga 69

2360 Radlje ob Dravi


Lesoteka hiše d.o.o.

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The company Lesoteka hiše d.o.o. is one of the members of the forest-wood chain. Its mission is massive wooden construction, including the construction of both civil and larger commercial and public buildings.


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