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Wood Products

Within Our Forest-Wood Chain

In addition to forestry services, a significant part of our activities involves the production of various wood products and semi-finished goods. We enhance primary processing with secondary processing, logically extending the forest-wood chain. In our facilities, assortments of sawn, structural, and joinery wood are produced, as well as larger and more complex products such as wall panels and massive wooden structures. From wood biomass and wood residues, we manufacture wooden packaging, pellets, and other energy sources. Alternatively, we supply them as unfinished semi-finished products or raw materials for use in other industries such as agriculture and construction.

Secondary Processing

From Wood to Finished Products

Secondary processing follows primary wood processing. In this step, raw materials from primary processing are used to manufacture finished products and semi-finished goods. With knowledge and technological processes, we add value to the obtained wood raw materials and biomass, opening up new possibilities for use.

Forest-Wood Chain

Products from the Forest-Wood Chain

Companies united in the Lesoteka group, with their services and products, form a circular economy model covering the entire journey of wood from the forest to solutions for end-users. This involves a chain of activities from a felled spruce in the forest to the final product. Wood is the most suitable element for this economic model, as it is entirely renewable, natural, and sustainable material.