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Development and Innovation

Knowledge and Technology

Strong Foundations for Healthy Development

In our business environment, knowledge and technology are the foundations of development and innovation. We draw extensively from rich experiences in forestry and woodworking, reinforcing and complementing this knowledge with modern trends and findings through investments in research and employee education. We strive for high-tech solutions in the company. The work process is supported by technologically advanced operations carried out on suitable, modern machines for the development and production of products. Just as in knowledge, we will invest significantly in technology in the coming years and update the production process with new, highly technologically advanced machines and equipment.

Development and Innovation

Seeking Higher Added Value and Competitiveness

The guiding principle of our vision, "Seeking new opportunities for the use and added value of wood," directs us to increasingly invest in development and innovation. From the very beginning, we have continuously invested in technology development, product quality improvement, and the search for advanced solutions. In this way, we increase added value and, at the same time, the competitiveness of our products.

Promising Innovations

Robotics and Digitalization in Full Swing

The company is inherently extremely innovative in customer acquisition and product design. The ongoing robotics and digitalization of technological processes allow us to achieve even better production results through innovative approaches. Indeed, only with innovative approaches can we further modernize the production process, which is invaluable for us and, consequently, for our customers. In the company, we focus on continuous development and seek innovative solutions for our customers who trust our work. The company monitors products all the way to the end-user. This way, we are acquainted with the use of products in practice and any potential errors if they occur. Our innovations are aligned with this information. In the picture: Innovative solid wood wall made of wood and recycled artificial fibers, EQWOOD, known for its excellent sound insulation.

Ensuring Quality

Because Quality Products are Sustainable

Development and innovation enable the improvement of products or services, contributing to higher quality. Research and acquired knowledge help companies understand customer needs and adapt to market demands, leading to better products. Technology enables efficient monitoring and quality control and process automation. All these components together allow companies to achieve high-quality standards, strengthening their competitive advantage and customer satisfaction.

Development and Innovation

Addressing Customer Needs

The combination of customer requirements and ideas, our own development, a modern machine park, and the use of advanced technologies enable us to develop and produce comprehensive and modern technological solutions in the wood processing industry. Recognizing the complexity of processes, we provide comprehensive offerings and professional support. In times of fierce global competition, satisfying customers with the best quality at a reasonable price is crucial. Our primary guiding principle is customer satisfaction, which we ensure by considering specific preferences, business flexibility, and competitive prices. Collaborating with various industries, we stay in constant contact with market-accepted innovations. In the picture: A 15kg bag of Lesoteka pellets, entirely the result of our development, knowledge of wood energy, and production expertise.

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