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Wood purchase is a crucial activity at LESOTEKA as it ensures sufficient quantities of logs for our own primary wood processing. We conduct purchases throughout the entire region of Carinthia as well as in the neighboring areas. Timber purchase is possible in the Savinja and Styria regions by arrangement, and for larger quantities, also elsewhere in Slovenia and beyond. We buy logs from both legal entities and individuals.

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Guidelines for Wood Preparation

Currently, most forest owners cut conifer logs to a length of 4 meters, which is in demand in the Austrian market. Therefore, we advise forest owners to consult our purchasers before felling, to obtain information on how to best utilize the entire tree (minimize cuts, maximize yield, and thus simplify wood extraction).

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The LESOTEKA group combines various activities and partner companies directly or indirectly related to forestry production and wood processing. The majority of the acquired logs are processed in our own sawmill in Šentjanž near Dravograd. We also require conifer logs ranging from 4 to 5 meters, as these are needed for roofs and the construction of solid houses, requiring logs of different lengths and diameters. As wood purchasers primarily for our own needs, we strive for direct contact and communication with forest owners.

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When purchasing wood from legal entities, it's a purposeful purchase as the company acquires standing timber exclusively for further processing at its business unit, the Sawmill. The company mainly purchases conifer wood (spruce) of classes C, D1, and D2, as well as technical and conifer pulpwood. When purchasing roundwood from individuals (farmers and other private forest owners), we distinguish between two purchase methods, namely purchase of wood on the roadside and purchase of wood on the stump. Purchase of Logs on the Roadside When purchasing wood on the roadside, the forest owner takes care of the felling and extraction of the wood to the roadside. Purchase of Logs on the Stump The term "purchase on the stump" is becoming less common, replaced by a comprehensive service of purchase and felling, including extraction and removal. This service is provided where the contractor takes care of everything and is thus a suitable solution for forest owners who are not qualified to work in the forest and do not have the necessary equipment.

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We purchase coniferous wood: spruce, fir, pine, and larch. Based on the site inspection and orders at the sawmill, we agree on the most suitable wood dimensions. Currently, there is a demand for 5-meter logs. The purchase price of wood depends on the current market conditions. First, we conduct a site inspection where the trees will be felled and the wood will be extracted. Based on the inspection, we agree on wood dimensions suitable for transport that meet our needs at the sawmill. Then, we negotiate the price with the supplier and check whether the roads are in good enough condition for transportation. This is followed by the signing of the contract. We try to tailor the timber transport to the suppliers' needs as much as possible, providing them with ample space for further extraction.

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David Kotnik
Wood Procurement Manager
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