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Lesoteka, with its forest-wood chain, covers various industries and activities in primary and secondary wood processing. On the journey from the forest to the first wood products, numerous by-products are generated. From logs unsuitable for carpentry or sawmill lumber, we obtain firewood, and through the processes of logging, cutting, and bleaching, we produce another wood fuel - wood chips. Wood fuels are renewable sources of energy obtained from wood and wood residues. These fuels are popular for their renewability, availability, and relatively low prices.

Zero Waste

Zero waste is a concept advocating for the reduction, reuse, and recycling of waste, aiming to create as little waste as possible that ends up in landfills or incinerators. The goal is to achieve a comprehensive system where all materials and resources are used efficiently and without unnecessary waste.

Lesoteka Wood Fuels

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We supply high-quality, adequately dry beech firewood in containers of 1.8 m3. Upon request, especially for larger quantities, we can also supply firewood of other wood assortments.

Wood Chips

Wood chips, intended for domestic use or use in economic activities, are a highly energetic element for biomass power plants or as raw material for the production of wood panels, pellets, etc.

Lesoteka ENplus A1 Pellets

High-Quality Spruce Pellets

In our own pellet mill and from predominantly self-acquired raw materials, we produce high-quality spruce pellets ENplus A1. They are available in 15 kg bags, on pallets, or in big bags, and can also be delivered in bulk form with a tanker.

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In addition to Lesoteka spruce pellets, you can buy firewood from various hardwoods and green or dry wood chips. It depends on the type of fuel – wood chips, firewood, etc. We deliver fuels with our own van or truck, and we can also use tractor trailers from our subcontractors for transportation. Pellets are 100% made from softwood, firewood is beech, and wood chips are made from cellulose wood such as spruce, fir, and beech.

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Other Wood Products

Within Lesoteka's forest-wood chain

The products and semi-finished goods of the Lesoteka group are crafted along the forest-wood chain under the theme "From Forest to Home." Thanks to our focus on research and development, we consistently broaden our product range and refine existing offerings.