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Forestry Services

In Our Forest-Wood Supply Chain

Our forestry services primarily involve activities related to forest management and the acquisition of our primary raw material - wood. These services encompass primary processing, complemented by products from primary and secondary processing. Services include wood procurement, planning and implementation of logging, and timber harvesting to our wood processing facilities. Broadly speaking, the services cover forest management activities for efficient and sustainable forest management in line with modern forestry guidelines. This includes measures for forest regeneration, pest and disease control, maintenance of forest roads, paths, and other infrastructure, among others.

Primary Processing

From Forest to Wood Material

Primary processing of wood refers to the initial stage of wood processing, involving the harvesting of wood, cutting, and processing felled timber into various dimensions and shapes, depending on market needs. During this phase, raw materials are produced for further processing into various wood products.

Forest-Wood Chain

Services Within the Forest-Wood Chain

Companies united in the Lesoteka group, with their services and products, form a circular economy model covering the entire journey of wood from the forest to solutions for end-users. This involves a chain of activities from a felled spruce in the forest to the final product. Wood is the most suitable element for this economic model, as it is entirely renewable, natural, and sustainable material.