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Logs / Roundwood

Exceptional Quality Raw Material

Responsible Harvesting

Within the Lesoteka forest-wood chain, the first steps involve the purchase and logging of wood. After logging, the wood is transported, a process that includes moving logs from the forest to suitable storage areas or areas for further processing. Through these steps, Lesoteka acquires logs - the basic raw material for its activities. We strive for quality logs that meet the needs of customers and comply with the standards and requirements of the wood industry. Our guiding principle is sustainable and environmentally friendly forest management. Other stakeholders in the wood supply chain, with similar values, contribute to sustainable forest management and the preservation of the natural environment. The rich heritage of our forests, people living with the forest, professional forest management, and adaptable production in the forest give us the opportunity and obligation to find an appropriate place for Carinthian spruce wood in human living environments.

FSC Certificate

For Sustainable Forest Management

Our responsible forest management is certified by the international Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification. The FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certificate is an internationally recognized and independent certification system that ensures that wood and wood products obtained from forests are sustainably managed. The FSC certificate is one of the most recognized certificates in the field of sustainable forest management.

Sustainable Forest Management

Environmentally Friendly Wood Procurement

Raw Material Assurance

We are a Wood Buyer Processing Most of the Wood Ourselves

The Lesoteka group combines various activities and partner companies directly or indirectly related to forestry and wood processing. A significant portion of the acquired logs is processed in our own sawmill in Šentjanž near Dravograd. The construction and sawn wood obtained find their way to the end customer or are used in the production of solid wood houses, furniture elements, and the production of thermal and electrical energy from by-products. We strive to add the highest possible value to the wood that grows in our region, employing people who live and work here. To ensure smooth production in both sawmills, we need logs. We also need conifer logs of various lengths from 4 to 5 meters since conifer logs of various lengths and diameters are needed for roofs and the construction of solid wood houses. As wood buyers, primarily for our needs, we aim for direct contact and communication with forest owners.

Conifer Logs "Quality"

Type: Spruce, larch, fir, pine

Diameter: over 40 cm

Length: 4–5 m

Quality: A1, A, B – defined by internal standards

Use: Carpentry products, such as structural and other furniture

Conifer Logs "Sawmill Quality"

Type: Spruce, larch, fir, pine

Diameter: over 20 cm

Length: 4-5 m

Quality: A, B, C – defined by internal standards

Use: Constructions in wooden and other constructions

Special Feature: Flexibility in cutting lengths according to customer preferences

Conifer Logs "Packaging"

Type: Spruce, larch, fir, pine

Diameter: over 20 cm

Length: 4-5 m

Quality: CX and bark – defined by internal standards

Use: Construction, making wooden packaging

Special Feature: Flexibility in cutting lengths according to customer preferences

"Cellulosic Wood" of Conifers

Type: Spruce, larch, fir, pine

Diameter: over 8 cm

Length: 4 m

Quality: Cellulosic wood I., II. – defined by internal standards

Use: Raw material for the paper industry, production of chipboard, fuel for industrial and domestic use

Special Feature: Flexibility in cutting lengths according to customer preferences

Log Transport

40,000 m3 of Round Wood Annually

Transporting debarked logs represents the final stage in the technological chain of forestry production. Lesoteka ensures transportation for over 40,000 m3 of round wood annually, from the forest or the truck road to our sawmill or external customers. In our fleet, we have modern forestry trucks from MAN with a load capacity of 22 tons, specialized in the transport of round wood. The vehicles are equipped with hydraulic cranes (Palfinger Epsilon) and forestry trailers. With this equipment, we successfully provide suitable working conditions for transportation, meeting legal and other limitations such as:

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We offer thicker logs of carpentry quality and cellulose wood of grades I and II. The majority of logs are always in stock; otherwise, we can purchase them for you by arrangement. The log price largely depends on natural conditions (sanitary felling, natural disasters, bark beetle infestation, weather conditions) and market dynamics between supply and demand.

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Other Wood Products

Within Lesoteka's forest-wood chain

The products and semi-finished goods of the Lesoteka group are crafted along the forest-wood chain under the theme "From Forest to Home." Thanks to our focus on research and development, we consistently broaden our product range and refine existing offerings.