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Company History

Lesoteka Yesterday

With You for More Than 75 Years

The beginnings of the company date back to 1947, when, following the division of the Maribor Directorate, the Slovenj Gradec Forest Management company was established to manage state forests in the Koroška region. Since then, it has been transformed several times into various organizational forms. After 1998, Slovenj Gradec Forest Management grew from a typically forestry company into a diversified company, seeking opportunities in sawmilling, energy, trade, construction, and other wood-related activities.

Lesoteka Today

Our Mission

Today, Lesoteka is a group of companies that together form a forest-wood chain of forestry services and production of woodworking products.

Key Milestones on Our Journey

The development of the Lesoteka group and its associated companies



The beginnings of the organization of forestry and wood processing activities, on which the Slovenj Gradec Forest Management would later grow.



The company merges with the wood industry to form a single company, Lesna – forestry and wood industry Slovenj Gradec.



Establishment and registration of the Slovenj Gradec Forest Management company.



Establishment of the subsidiary company GG INPO and obtaining the status of a disabled company.


New Sawmill

Completion of extensive investment and opening of a new sawmill in Otiški Vrh. With this, the company consolidates primary conifer processing with modern equipment for log preparation and processing, state-of-the-art sawing equipment, and appropriate storage space in one location. The Otiški Vrh business unit also becomes the company's logistics center and, in addition to production, organizes and manages central transport activities.


New Technologies

Completion of investment and introduction of logging and timber hauling technology with a modern cableway combined with truck-road wood processing (cable crane with tower and Liebherr wheel excavator with Woody processor head).


Quality Certificate

Slovenj Gradec Forest Management becomes the first in Slovenia to obtain a production control certificate for solid sawn wood. Based on this certificate, it can issue a CE declaration of conformity for solid wood according to the standard SIST-EN 14081-1:2006+A1:2011.


Lesoteka Stores
Branch in Levec

In 2010, Lesoteka stores opened their branch in Levec.



Gozdno gospodarstvo Slovenj Gradec skupaj s partnerskimi podjetji vstopi v konzorcijsko podjetje RACE KOGO, d. o. o.


Lesoteka Stores
Branch in Radlje ob Dravi

Lesoteka stores completes investments in a new business facility in Radlje ob Dravi, built using the MHM (Massiv Holz Mauer) wooden construction system, and relocates the Radlje ob Dravi branch to the new premises.


Introduction of LESOTEKA Brand

Launch and official presentation of the Lesoteka brand. Lesoteka becomes a hub for the promotion and sales acceleration of Slovenian wood, combining tradition, consistent technological development, and especially the knowledge and expertise of its employees.


Lesoteka Houses

The Lesoteka group acquires a new member. Establishment of the subsidiary company Lesoteka hiše d.o.o., a company for the construction of solid wooden houses and larger wooden structures.


Lesoteka Engineering

Establishment of Lesoteka Engineering. A company whose mission is to implement projects within public-private partnerships.


Lesoteka Stores

The Lesoteka group expands again and establishes Lesoteka trgovine d.o.o., a company for retail sales of sawn and construction timber. The assortment is complemented by a rich selection of machines and equipment for forestry and the maintenance of green spaces by Husqvarna.


Construction of the First Kindergarten

In 2015, Lesoteka hiše built the first solid wood kindergarten "Gozdni škrat". It is one of the first solid wooden kindergartens in Slovenia and our first project within a public-private partnership.


PPP - Construction of Two New Kindergartens

In 2016, Lesoteka d.o.o., Lesoteka hiše d.o.o., and Lesoteka inženiring d.o.o. carry out two new wooden kindergarten construction projects and establish public-private partnerships (PPP).


New Pellet Line

Establishment of a brand-new, modern production line for wood pellets. The Lesoteka group begins to produce its own pellets, soon obtaining the S4Q quality certificate, later followed by the ENplus A1.


Lesoteka Stores Branch in Mala Pirešica

Lesoteka trgovine opens a new branch in Mala Pirešica, specializing in the sale of sawn and construction timber.


Robotization of Pellet Line

The wood pellet production line is upgraded with a robot for stacking and packaging pellets, a significant modernization of Lesoteka's facility in Spodnja Vižinga.


Fire at the Sawmill in Šentjanž

At the end of 2022, a fire completely destroys part of the old sawmill in Šentjanž. Rehabilitation work begins immediately.


New Production Capacities

Establishment of a new line for the production of packaging laths and a new sawmill facility.

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