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Civil Engineering Planning

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Of Construction and Engineering Structures

The origins of design within Lesoteka d.o.o. date back more than 50 years, and since the year 2000, the company has continued its more intensive development in this field. The design bureau Lesoteka Projektiva specializes in the design of construction and engineering structures, with a focus on transportation and municipal infrastructure, including external landscaping. Our comprehensive approach to the design of engineering structures encompasses the complete preparation of project documentation in compliance with construction laws and regulations. This includes the design documentation for forest roads, local and national roads, bridges, overpasses, galleries, retaining walls, waste disposal systems, stormwater management, and more.


Civil engineering planning service is provided by Lesoteka Projektiva d.o.o.

Reference Projects

Engineering Design of Construction Structures

Solid Wood Objects

Lesoteka Houses

However, Lesoteka's expertise extends beyond civil engineering. Within the Lesoteka group, Lesoteka Houses specializes exclusively in wooden construction, focusing on the construction of solid wood houses, as well as larger public and commercial structures.

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From Lesoteka's Forest-Wood Chain

Explore other solutions for primary processing, design, and engineering that the Lesoteka Group offers and implements as part of the forest-wood chain "From the Forest... to the House."