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Panel walls

Efficient Construction Solutions

Flexibility and Technological Excellence

Welcome to the world of technologically advanced panel walls, representing an excellent solution for your construction projects. Our company, with extensive experience in building wooden houses and other structures, now offers a wide range of prefabricated interior and exterior walls, primarily designed for B2B sales. Our panel walls are precisely crafted, allowing for complete customization for the client, both dimensionally and configuration-wise. We proudly supply other manufacturers, especially in the public and commercial building segment. We provide technologically advanced walls known for their exceptional precision in construction. Designed for easy installation, they facilitate the efficient execution of construction projects. Our main advantage lies in the complete adaptability of the walls to the client's requirements and preferences. We collaborate with construction companies, designers, investors, and architects seeking a reliable supplier for their unique construction projects.


Development and Innovation

We dedicate a significant amount of energy and attention to researching new products and technological processes. One such product is the EQ WOOD wall, which combines the previously incompatible - we have transformed the mechanical weakness of solid wooden walls, namely poor sound insulation, by adding intermediate layers of recycled materials, achieving outstanding results.

Why Lesoteka Wall Panels

Advantages of Our Product and Services

Flexibility and Technological Excellence

Standard and Non-standard Wall Assemblies

We manufacture panels for various purposes, configurations, and sizes. In addition to wall panels, we produce mezzanine panels, ceiling panels, roof panels, and facade panels. We create both interior and exterior panel walls for all types of structures. The maximum dimensions of panels we can produce are:

  • Max height: 3000 mm
  • Max length: 12000 mm

Panel thickness depends on the wall configuration, type and thickness of insulation, thickness of installation channels, finishing layers, etc. We closely collaborate with our sister company Lesoteka Houses, which transfers its rich experience and expert knowledge in building wooden houses and larger wooden structures within the Lesoteka group to our products.

Solid Wood Construction

Wooden Houses and Larger Structures

In the field of solid wood construction, we have extensive experience. In addition to manufacturing wall panels within the Lesoteka Group, we also offer the comprehensive construction of solid wooden structures, carried out by the company Lesoteka Houses within the forest-wood chain.

Panel Wall Assemblies

For Private and Public/Commercial Buildings

We provide solutions for both private projects, such as the construction of family homes and cottages, as well as for larger public and commercial buildings. In addition to providing services for projects within the group of companies (Lesoteka Houses), we also collaborate with other construction companies in Slovenia and beyond. Among the projects where we have participated as a supplier of wall panels are, in addition to numerous single-family homes, 1 residential block, 4 public kindergartens, 2 large sports halls, and 2 larger commercial buildings.

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  • What panels do we offer?
  • What are the advantages of panel construction?
  • Can I order only wall panels for my house from you?
  • Do you also manufacture turnkey wall panels?
We offer all types of panels, wall panels, ceiling panels, roof panels, and facade panels - each tailored to the exact requirements of the customer (different finishes, thicknesses, types of insulation, embedded materials, visible and invisible qualities). Panels are designed for faster on-site construction, as the assembly speed of panels prepared in the production is significantly faster than the complete on-site construction of walls, roofs, ceilings, and facades. Certainly. You need workshop plans for the panels, which we can also prepare for you if needed. Certainly, we individually discuss with each customer to determine the extent to which the panels are prepared. They can also be made turnkey, meaning that, according to the plans, we incorporate installation pipes, finishing cladding on the exterior and interior sides, etc.

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Wall panels production

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Other Wood Products

Within Lesoteka's forest-wood chain

The products and semi-finished goods of the Lesoteka group are crafted along the forest-wood chain under the theme "From Forest to Home." Thanks to our focus on research and development, we consistently broaden our product range and refine existing offerings.