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Sustainability Centre

Sustainability and Development

On the path to fulfilling our mission

Guided by high business and ethical standards, we strive to balance progressive business development with the sustainable utilization of forest resources, which provide the fundamental raw material for our operations - wood. Our values, mission, and goals are unconditionally based on the following principles:

Sustainable Approach

In the acquisition of wood resources and the production of wood products

A focus on environmentally friendly and sustainable operations is a crucial aspect of our future strategy. We pay significant attention to sustainable forest management at the primary level, eco-friendly production of wood products at the secondary level, and other operational principles and methods that care for our environment and forest resources.

Forest-Wood Supply Chain

Our Circular Economy Model

Companies united in the Lesoteka group, through their services and products, form a circular economy model, covering the entire wood journey from the forest to solutions for end-users. This involves a chain of activities from a felled spruce in the forest to the final product.


In the Lesoteka Group

All companies in the Lesoteka Group, which form the forest-wood value chain "From the forest ... to the house"

Development and Innovation

Exploring new opportunities for wood

Our commitment to exploring new opportunities for wood usage and developing wood products with higher added value leads us to allocate a significant portion of available human and investment resources to research and development.

Environmental Care

For the best yield from your forest.

Forest, wood, and people are the fundamental elements that provide an opportunity for the existence and development of the Lesoteka group. In addition to the significant responsibility we feel towards our employees and other individuals in the communities where we operate, environmental care is an equally important value that we consistently adhere to. All our products have a low carbon footprint, and we believe they are part of the solution towards a sustainable and circular economy.

Slovenski les


S principom "Nič odpadkov" se želimo osredotočiti na maksimiranje uporabe lesa in minimalizacijo odpadkov ter negativnih vplivov na okolje. Namen tega pristopa je ohranjati vire in ustvarjati trajnostne prakse v celotni gozdno-lesni verigi, od gozdarstva do končnih izdelkov. Princip zero waste v gozdno-lesni verigi pomeni, da je treba vsak korak optimizirati tako, da se les izkorišča na najučinkovitejši način in da se odpadki zmanjšajo na minimum.

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