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Public-Private Partnerships

Infrastructure Projects

From Planning to Operation

Public-Private Partnership (PPP) is a form of collaboration between the public sector (municipality, state) and the private sector (private companies or organizations) in the implementation of infrastructure projects, in our case. The purpose of PPP is to combine the advantages and resources of both sectors to achieve better efficiency, quality, or innovations in project implementation. Within PPP, the public and private sectors often share responsibility for financing, construction, management, and maintenance of the project. Our practice involves concession relationships of the DBOT type. This is a model of public-private partnership used for the implementation and financing of infrastructure projects. The acronym DBOT stands for "Design-Build-Operate-Transfer." According to this model, a private company takes responsibility for the entire life cycle of the project, including financial planning, construction, operation, and maintenance, before transferring it back to public ownership.

Best Practice Examples

"Leseni škrat" Kindergarden

The Wooden Gnome Kindergarten is an example of a successful public-private partnership, demonstrating that it is possible to build a functional, well-designed, wooden, and cost-effective facility with good collaboration, satisfying both public and private partners.

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Concession Agreement

Synergy that Benefits All Parties

A concession agreement refers to a form of public-private partnership in which a public entity (e.g., government or local administration) grants a concession to a private company for the provision of specific services or management of certain infrastructure. The concession relationship typically involves the assignment of special rights and obligations to the private partner for a specified period, in exchange for which the partner provides services, receives a portion of the revenue, payments, or other compensation. In a concession relationship, it is crucial for the private partner to assume certain risks, such as financial risks, management, maintenance, or operational risks, while the public entity retains control and a regulatory framework to ensure the proper functioning of services in the public interest. The specific terms and details of public-private partnerships (PPP) and concession relationships may vary by country, region, or specific projects. Competent authorities and legislation establish procedures and guidelines for the conclusion and implementation of such partnerships.

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Currently, there are three active public-private partnerships following the DBOT model (design - built - operate - transfer). We are also open to other models such as BOT, BT, and, by agreement, any other. Among the numerous advantages, one significant benefit is the redistribution of various risks between both partners. Additionally, one partner can assume responsibilities in areas where the other may be weaker or lacks authority or expertise. Collaboration can be established for all types of buildings, varying in size and purpose. When involving both private and public organizations, these partnerships are most commonly formed for educational, cultural, sports institutions, etc.

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