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Our Mission

Lesoteka Today

Our Mission and Values

Lesoteka today is a group of interconnected companies that together form a forest-wood chain with the apt name "From forest... to house!" Our mission is to process raw materials obtained through sustainable exploitation of forest resources into marketable wood products, while adhering to our core values and working for the benefit of people and nature. Our fundamental values, upon which our broader value system is based, are:

Lesoteka Tomorrow

Our Vision and Mission

A clear and decisive strategic direction for the future is particularly important in times of uncertainty, rapid environmental changes, and high consumption. Therefore, in Lesoteka, we have very clear objectives for the future, where we want to go, and how we will achieve this.

Social Responsibility

Socially Responsible Employer

A respectful relationship towards people and the social environment in which we operate is one of the fundamental values of the Lesoteka Group. We continuously strive and pay special attention to the education of our employees, increasing their motivation, improving their well-being, health, and strengthening the connection within and between the companies themselves. We demonstrate our sincere desire and firm commitment to work with the DOD certificate for a socially responsible employer.

Environmental Care

Sustainable Exploitation of Forest Resources

Forest, wood, and man are the fundamental elements that provide the opportunity for the existence and development of the Lesoteka group. Besides the great responsibility we feel towards our employees and other people in the community where we operate, environmental care is an equally important value that we consistently follow. All our products have a low carbon footprint, and we believe they are part of the solution towards a sustainable and circular economy.

Experience, Tradition, and Progress

Synergy of Old Knowledge and Modern Discoveries

In over 75 years of operating in forestry, primary and secondary wood processing, and the production of woodworking products, our company has gained significant experience and knowledge, which we have successfully passed on to younger generations. In this way, our company has a lot of knowledge in services such as forest management, logging and timber extraction, wood cutting, and other processes in primary processing. We successfully combine the experience and knowledge of our ancestors with modern procedures, findings, and innovations in the industry. The synergy of all this allows us new perspectives and approaches to our work.

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