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Our vision

Lesoteka Tomorrow

With Thought for People and Environment

With continuous implementation of changes in organization, work culture, attitude towards work and people, targeted leadership, and an improved work environment and technology, our important goals are to increase efficiency and competitiveness in the market. To achieve our set goals, our business strategy in the future will be dictated by research and development of new wood opportunities and its added value, optimization of technological processes of the circular economy aimed at reducing waste, and directing towards eco-friendly and sustainable wood processing and the production of woodworking products with a low CO2 footprint. Our future is to create new excellent woodworking products, with high added value for users and minimal harmful impacts on the environment and nature.

Eco-Friendly Approach

In Harvesting Wood Resources and Producing Woodworking Products

Directing towards an eco-friendly and sustainable operation is one of the important themes of our strategy for the future. We pay great attention to sustainable forest management at the primary level and eco-friendly production of woodworking products at the secondary level. Only in this way can we ensure that the forest is renewed and that we leave it in the best condition for our descendants!

Our Vision of Sustainable Wood Processing

Increasing Added Value and Reducing Environmental Impacts

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