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Wood residues

Bark, chips, and sawdust

By-products in wood processing

Lesoteka annually manages more than 60,000 m3 of wood biomass in its operations, much of which it processes into further products and semi-finished goods. In addition to primary and secondary wood processing, which includes Lesoteka's services such as logging, harvesting, and wood cutting, a significant amount of wood residues is generated. Wood residues are specific parts of wood that remain as waste or by-products during wood processing. This includes sawdust, wood chips, bark, and other wood remnants produced during cutting, sawing, slicing, or other wood processing procedures. Wood residues can be reused or processed for various purposes, such as the production of wood pellets, compost, fuel for energy, and other wood products. Utilizing as much waste biomass as possible is an important part of sustainable forest management and the zero-waste concept, which are key values for us."

0% waste

Zero waste is a concept advocating for the reduction, reuse, and recycling of waste, aiming to create as little waste as possible that ends up in landfills or incinerators. The goal is to achieve a comprehensive system where all materials and resources are used efficiently, without unnecessary waste.

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Sustainable Forest Management

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Sustainable forest management refers to the approach of managing forests based on principles of sustainability, preserving biodiversity, ecosystem services, and the long-term stability of the forest ecosystem. Social and economic aspects are also considered in sustainable forest management. The goal is to maintain the forest ecosystem in balance to ensure long-term production of wood resources without harmful impacts on the environment. The use of as much waste biomass as possible, such as wood biomass, is an essential part of sustainable forest management and the zero-waste concept. Waste biomass, like wood residues generated during wood processing, can be utilized for energy production, such as biomass for heating or generating electricity in biomass power plants. This maximizes the potential of wood waste, reducing the need for other non-renewable energy sources.


Bark is the outer protective layer of a tree and is removed during wood processing. It can be used as fuel in energy plants, for compost production, or as decorative mulch in gardening.

Wood Chips

Wood chips are coarsely cut wood material typically obtained by cutting branches, trunks, or other larger pieces of wood. They are used in various industries, such as heating in biomass power plants, as raw material for producing wood pellets, or in the manufacture of wood boards.


Sawdust is fine wood material produced during the process of sawing wood. It can be used for various purposes, including the production of wood boards, wood pellets, raw material for paper production, or as bedding for pets or domestic animals.

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  • Which wood residues can I buy from you?
  • What are the possible delivery methods?
  • For what purposes are wood residues useful?
  • Are wood residues always available?
You can buy bark, sawdust, and wood chips from us, which are by-products obtained during log peeling and log cutting. We do not provide delivery; you need to arrange it yourself. Pickup is available at the location in Šentjanž pri Dravogradu. Wood chips can be used for heating, and sawdust can be used for mulching or as bedding for animals, but this is at your discretion, as they may contain larger wood residues. No. For the purchase of wood residues, especially in larger quantities, a prior arrangement is always necessary.

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