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Wood Sales

Strategic Geographic Position

Located in the Heart of Carinthian Forests

When it comes to the sale and purchase of wood, Lesoteka is strategically positioned. One of the reasons for this is its central location in Carinthia, where extensive, contiguous forests stretch between 400 m and 1500 m above sea level. Furthermore, the region has good connections with neighboring Austria, and the realization of the 3rd development axis is underway, which will further strengthen our trade routes with central Slovenia. Over the past 10 years, we have solidified and expanded our sales network, constantly seeking new markets and opportunities, both in the broader European space and on continents beyond.

KM 0 = low CO2 Footprint

Short Transport Routes

The concept of "kilometer 0" refers to short transport routes between the producer and the consumer. Wood is largely sourced from forests in the immediate vicinity of the processing plant (sawmill), reducing CO2 emissions during transport and, consequently, the overall carbon footprint.

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Conifer Wood Sales Specialist

Spruce and Larch Wood Constitute the Largest Share of Sales

As mentioned, Lesoteka is situated in the heart of Carinthia, where extensive coniferous and mixed forests thrive. These forests ensure a substantial supply of wood, renowned for its exceptional quality due to the elevated growth locations. From these locations, we source particularly high-quality coniferous wood, including spruce, alpine larch, fir, and certain hardwood species, with mountain maple being a notable standout. Consequently, the majority of our wood sales consist of coniferous wood, specifically spruce, and fir. We maintain a constant stock of these wood types. While other wood species are also available, delivery times depend on the quantities at our disposal.

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  • What types of logs can I buy from you?
  • What sawn timber can I buy from you?
  • What is the delivery time for wood?
You can purchase unpeeled or peeled logs from us, which are not suitable for processing at our sawmill. We offer logs of larger diameters and higher quality, meeting carpentry standards. You can buy sawn timber of various dimensions and types from us, including beams, boards, slats, and packaging slats. Everything is tailor-made according to the measurements and needs of the customer. Some types and quantities of wood and products are regularly in stock. We also manage safety stocks for regular customers and ensure short delivery times. For all new customers and inquiries, we are available for negotiation and adjustment.

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Send us a message through the contact form or get in touch with one of our contacts for wholesale wood.

Daniel Plešej
Business Development Manager
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Retail Sale of Wood

For Individuals and Legal Entities

Wood, which is cut at our own sawmill, is also available for purchase in smaller quantities. The subsidiary company responsible for retail is Lesoteka Trgovine d.o.o.

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