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Environmental Care


and Reduction of Environmental Impact

Lesoteka's mission follows our fundamental value, which is to develop our business for the benefit of nature and human society. Broadly speaking, this means that we strive for the sustainable use of renewable forest resources, the production of woodworking products with minimal environmental impact, the introduction of circular economy practices to reduce waste raw materials, environmentally friendly development and operation of the entire group, and socially responsible action for the well-being of our employees and the community in which we operate. In the group, we place great emphasis on positive sustainable development and are aware of our long-term responsibility for environmentally friendly development. The basis for this is a systematic approach to monitoring and reducing environmental impacts. The company will adhere to high principles in the future as well.

Green Jobs

For a Brighter Future of Our Planet

Lesoteka aims to create green jobs that are crucial for the sustainable future of our planet. Through innovative approaches to forestry activities and the use of advanced technologies, we strive to reduce the environmental footprint while promoting the local economy by creating jobs focused on the sustainable use of natural resources. In this way, we are creating the future of green jobs, where economic growth, social responsibility, and environmental protection converge.

Forest Management

Sustainable and Responsible Use of Renewable Resources

Lesoteka places sustainable forest use at the core of its operations. We collaborate with experienced forestry professionals and use the latest technologies and practices for the careful management of forests. Our goal is to preserve forest ecosystems and their functions while enabling sustainable timber harvesting and maintaining biodiversity. Additionally, we are committed to maintaining a healthy forest. We regularly monitor and protect forests from harmful organisms, such as bark beetles, and care for healthy forest growth. Our efforts are directed at achieving a balance between the exploitation of forest resources and their preservation, ensuring that forests remain vital, sustainable, and valuable for future generations. Lesoteka proudly introduces a new service that enables landowners to comprehensively and sustainably manage forests. Our experts carefully plan and implement forestry activities, including logging planning, tree planting, protection of forest habitats, and growth monitoring.


Circular Economy for Maximum Utilization

Lesoteka actively engages in the "zero waste" challenge with a strong commitment to sustainable operations. With the "Zero Waste" principle, we aim to maximize the use of wood and minimize waste and negative environmental impacts. The purpose of this approach is to preserve resources and create sustainable practices throughout the forest-wood chain, from forestry to final products. The zero waste principle in the forest-wood chain means that each step must be optimized so that wood is used most efficiently and waste is minimized.

Reducing Environmental Impact

Development and production of products with a low CO2 footprint

Our activities do not cause emissions that exceed the limit values. The new technologies we constantly introduce are energy-efficient and consume less electricity, contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions into the air and soil. Modern technological equipment also allows operation with less oil, lubricants, and other elements; it includes modern systems to prevent emissions to the ground and, consequently, to the soil and water. The risk of oil and lubricant spills is addressed with special oil collectors in the facility and also in outdoor areas; any collected oils are purified in a dedicated filter.

Social Responsibility

Socially Responsible Employer

Respectful treatment of people and the social environment in which we operate is one of the fundamental values of the Lesoteka Group. We constantly strive and pay special attention to employee education, increasing their motivation, improving well-being, health, and strengthening connections within and between companies. Our sincere desire and firm commitment to action are demonstrated by the received CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) certificate for being a socially responsible employer.

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