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Quality Assurance

Certificates and Standards

Foundations of Our Business

The Lesoteka Group and its affiliated companies devote significant attention and resources to obtaining and maintaining standards and certifications. Just like in practically every economic sector, ensuring quality is a fundamental element that enables a company to operate successfully and, ultimately, to operate legitimately and legally in forestry and woodworking. Certificates and standards play a crucial role in this process, as they ensure that our services and products comply with strict criteria. The connection between quality, certificates, and standards is close. Certificates confirm that we meet certain standards that are crucial for safety, sustainability, and efficiency in forestry and wood processing. This instills trust in our business among customers and partners.


A Prerequisite for Successful Operations

Standards in the forest-wood industry are crucial for process consistency and safety. They help align the operations of companies and provide the basis for achieving quality at all stages of production. Standards precisely define procedures, specifications, and guidelines to be followed in logging, processing, and building wooden houses. These standards are crucial for worker safety and sustainable development. They also ensure consistent product quality and facilitate monitoring and control of processes. Compliance with standards is a fundamental step for successful operations in the forest-wood industry, as it creates customer trust and influences the company's reputation.


Guarantee of Quality

As important as achieving and obtaining standards is the confirmation of each certificate we receive. Certificates confirm that we are moving in the right direction and doing well, and they assure our customers that products from the Lesoteka Group meet high-quality standards. Certificates, such as FSC (Forest Stewardship Council), emphasize our commitment to sustainable forestry. They also indicate that our wood meets environmental and ethical guidelines, which is important for target customers who value environmentally responsible products. Certificates, with their clear marking, make it easy to recognize quality products, increasing competitiveness in the market.

ENplus A1

ISO 17225-2

ENplus A1 Certificate ISO 17225-2 for the quality of wood pellets.


SIST EN 14081-1

CE – Certificate for solid structural timber for buildings and bridges (SIST EN 14081-1: 2006 + A1: 2011)


FSC C112930

FSC C112930 - Mark of responsible forest management


Standard for phytosanitary measures

International standard for phytosanitary treatment, thermal treatment for EPAL pallets


Forest management standard

Forest management in accordance with high environmental, social, and economic standards.


Socially responsible employer

Lesoteka d.o.o.

Lesoteka IP

Socially responsible employer

Lesoteka IP d.o.o.

Lesoteka hiše

Socially responsible employer

Lesoteka hiše d.o.o.

Lesoteka trgovine

Socially responsible employer

Lesoteka trgovine d.o.o.

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