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We have combined decades of experience, knowledge, and tradition with new approaches to solid wood construction and systems like CLT, resulting in the best in solid wood construction – Lesoteka houses. At Lesoteka Houses, we possess the knowledge and understand the processes and systems to build environmentally friendly solid wood houses tailored to modern lifestyle needs. In times when we all reawakened old, more primal values like living in harmony with nature, thrift, and ecological integrity, our vision and mission received confirmation that we think and act correctly. Energy-wasteful and health-damaging building materials are being replaced by wood, which, in addition to its pleasant character, has excellent building properties. More and more people are realizing this and opting for the most economical and environmentally friendly way of building a house – solid wood construction.

Why Solid Wood Houses?

Advantages of Solid Wood Construction

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Sustainable Construction

Committed to Environmental Protection

In addition to producing quality wooden houses and ensuring customer satisfaction, a crucial value for us is environmental care. Our story begins here, with a focus on sustainable forest management in Slovenia, highly esteemed worldwide. Quality raw material, wood, is obtained from these forests and used as the main structural material in the house. Lesoteka house customers can follow the entire chain from tree felling to the completion of the last detail of their solid wood house. We will invite you on a guided tour, where together we will visit the spruce habitats, the source of the wood that will become your wooden house. This way, we get to know each other better, understand needs and desires, and feel the forest.

Solid Wood Houses CLT

The term CLT comes from the abbreviation of the English words Cross Laminated Timber, indicating a prefabricated construction system using solid wood walls composed of multiple layers of wooden boards, alternating in a crosswise pattern. Individual layers are glued together, and individual walls are screwed and braced with angles for better strength.

Walls are precisely made in the production process, so there are practically no major interventions during assembly, except screwing and fastening individual walls together. Therefore, such on-site construction is fast, quiet, and clean.

The CLT solid wood wall system combines the best qualities of various house construction methods. The main advantages of CLT solid wood walls are static stability, high heat accumulation, and cost-effective construction, as assembly and preparation in production are faster compared to frame or panel prefabricated construction.

Wooden Log Cabins

A solid wooden house made of logs, more commonly known as a log cabin, is a type of wooden house known for over 2000 years, with Scandinavians starting its construction.

This construction involves precisely stacking wooden logs on top of each other using grooves and tongues, with the logs being cross-joined at the intersections of the walls. We adhere to all modern trends and standards that dictate construction with increasing energy efficiency, so we have added layers of insulation to the classic log cabin, achieving good energy efficiency while retaining all the good properties of wood.

Lesoteka log cabins, especially those with the LBN wall composition where the logs are visible on the inside, are the most diffusion-open houses in our offer. We can say they are the most natural and environmentally friendly.

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