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Solid wood Kindergarden Wooden Dwarf

Date: 15.06.2023

Solid Wood Kindergarten

Public-Private Partnership Project

Finally, in Carinthia, the land of forests, we have witnessed the construction of the first wooden kindergarten with the friendly name Wooden Dwarf, located in Šmartno near Slovenj Gradec.

What is a standard and not a question in neighboring Austria is the quality of children’s living. Why? Research conducted years ago has proven that in educational buildings constructed from wood, there is less stress, aggression, a greater willingness to learn, better concentration, well-being, and less fatigue. From a medical perspective, wood as a building material has a positive effect on people’s health and well-being.

Apart from the reinforced concrete floor slab, the Wooden Dwarf Kindergarten will be entirely built from wood. To meet the requirements of the regulations on educational institutions, other natural materials or materials that do not contain harmful substances and are environmentally friendly will also be used. The investment is financed and constructed by the Slovenj Gradec Forestry, d.d. The wooden structural part of the building, including the wooden facade, will be carried out by the company Lesoteka hiše.

Saša Šuhel, BSc. Forestry

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